In compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law which came into full force in April 2005, Fujiya will reasonably ensure the protection of your information in following the spirit of the law and handling your information. We will appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Fujiya is deeply aware of the societal demand on privacy protection and its social responsibility to promote proper handling of privacy information and is committed to fulfilling such responsibility, abiding by the following basic policies to remain a trustworthy company and striving to protect privacy information across the board.

We will identify the purpose of use in advance to the greatest extent possible and handle privacy information only to the extent necessary to accomplishing the purpose of use.
We will acquire personal information in the most appropriate manner, notify and announce the purpose of use at the time of its acquisition.
Your personal data will be carefully handled to ensure accuracy and to keep updated, handled with safety care, by employees and contractors under supervision.
Your personal data will not be provided to any third party before your prior content and the purpose of use of your personal data in our possession will be disclosed, amended and suspended upon your request.
We will strive to process your complaints and improve our system accordingly.
We will continuously improve our compliance program.

The content of the handling of the personal information stated above may be subject to change in whole or in part.
Any changes added will be publicized by reflecting into the content published in our corporate web site.
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