Building environmental sustainability culture through fujiya's unique management system

Fujiya Management System

Our efforts for environment preservation do not only rest in fulfilling our social responsibility. We have clear objectives to strengthen our additional value and make our business profitable through our environmental preservation activities. In other words, we commit to expanding our environmental practices with emphasis placed on the business activities themselves, demonstrating them within and outside our company eventually to increase our corporate value.

In addition, by integrating our Environmental Management System (EMS) to Fujiya Management System (FMS), we strive to instill the management system nurtured through our environmental practices throughout our company and firmly establish the Fujiya brand to ultimately increase our client satisfaction. We will aim at building a corporate culture based on these vision and awareness.

ISO 14001 認証取得

Environmental Policy

We will conduct our business activities with active involvement in environmental practices and the goals of effective use of resources and environmental preservation based on the following policies.

We will build, execute, and continuously improve our environmental management system to achieve our goals and objectives and prevent environmental contamination.
We will comply with environmentally related laws, regulations, covenants and voluntary control standards, while promoting education, training and awareness building activities for environmental conservation and system operation.
We will factor the followings into setting our goals and objectives.
  • - Effective utilization of resources and energy in our business activities
  • - Developing a challenging business model to create recycling society